September 30, 2016

Boy or Girl!

 Hi all, long time :)

While we knew and wanted to know the sex of our first child as soon as possible, the opposite is the case with Baby2. It all started jokingly with hubby saying he didn't want to know, then it became a more serious he didn't want to know. I knew the only way that mission was going to be a success is for me not to know as well. I mean, if I know what we're having then I'm going to tend to buy or gravitate towards certain colors which will be a giveaway for hubby. It is possible but becoming increasingly difficult to find cute stuff that are gender neutral and because pink it automatically attached to girls and blue to boys, a little hint of each color in anything can be perceived as a giveaway. With that in mind, I decide I'm ok with not knowing as well. Mostly because I already have my mini-me, even though she looks nothing like me, so I really wouldn't mind whichever way it turns out even though I have my thoughts on what it is, all that matter is that it's a healthy  baby.

So, how has it been not knowing the gender of the baby, you ask? Well, surprisingly to me, it doesn't seem to bother me at all or tickle my curiosity at all. I partially want to attribute that to just being a little more busier than I was with my first, so I've got more going on and don't really have time to spend wondering if it's a boy or girl. The only drawback so far is that I can't really shop and get all stocked up on cute little outfits like I did for Eliana, so Baby2's closet is looking very empty right with not much to stare or gush over. You can also view that as an upside depending on how you look at things. It may have helped avoid some unnecessary purchase if you will.

The other thing that I think has helped completely curb the anticipation is that NOBODY knows, not even my doctors. Well, only God knows. I told the doctors early on we didn't want to know but I was hoping they would check and just keep it on file as a secret only to find out after they did they scan, as she excitedly reported to me that they didn't even check so my secret is safe with me! I was a little surprised as I was looking forward to playing the tell-me, don't-tell-me game at every appointment but that went right out the window right then. So, with the detailed anatomy scan done and out of the way, I know I wasn't going to ask them to do another one just to check, so I accepted that fate of not knowing and I’m enjoying just watching the baby grow, boy or girl. 

I think the best part though is not having to tell stranger what I'm having. When asked, instead of telling them, we know but we're not telling or telling them, it kind of feels good just telling them I don't know. That leads to more follow up questions like 'you don't want to know?' and such but again, that's easy to answer in one word as well. Friends, family and maybe some acquaintance asking is one thing, it is something else when a complete stranger asks as I'm out and about.

Maybe as due date gets closer I will be become more curious but I have definitely surprised myself with how little, or not at all I feel bothered me not knowing! 

With that said, I think my nesting instinct are kicking are as I have started and completed a couple DIY projects for Baby2’s room with a few more to go.  I made a poms and tassel garland to hang over the crib. I love how it turned out. I'm sticking with neutral color hence the white and grey and just keeping things simple.

 I figured a little color won't hurt so I made this very easy and inexpensive animal wall art for pop of color. The star is something I have carried over from the shower decor/theme now into Baby2's room. That happened when found the perfect grey pillow with shimmering stars on it, I just knew I had to carry that star theme all the way.

Talk to you soon!


September 5, 2016

Orange & Black

 Happy Tuesday!
I'm sure my U.S readers enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend, I know I did.
With that said, It's back to work and reality. Still thankful it's only a 4-day work week.

So I recently noticed I've been wearing a whole lot of dresses to accommodate my growing bump.  Apart from pants on weekdays,  I sometimes manage to sneak dresses in on a work day as well; granted it's a shift dresses paired with tight. So, I decided to raid my closet for skirts with elastic band because I know I for sure have some of those. Since I only utilize about a quarter of my closet during the weekdays, I try to get into the rest of my closet on weekends. I found a couple elastic waist no zipper skirts and took this one for a spin. Glad I did, as I'm now exploring the skirt options in my closet more than before and finding some good oldies that will accommodate my growing bump just fine.

Top: F21 (old, similar here)
Skirt: H&M (old, try this here)
Shoes: VS (old)
Watch: Movado 


August 22, 2016

White Sundress

Hi Loves!
 Hope your  week is off to a great start. 
It was a relaxing and at the same time busy weekend for me as I'm currently working on a project for EliFab that I hope to share soon.
 Took a break to grab a bite with hubby and Eliana and after almost 3 years, I finally took this Toms Slip-on for a ride. I bought a pair for myself and Eliana while I was pregnant with her but only wearing mine now. Eliana's pair are way too small for her now, so I put her in another gold-ish shoes and white dress for a mommy and me outfit. You can find a picture of both of us on my Instagram page. 
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Dress: Asos (similar here, here and here)  
Shoes: Toms (old, similar here)
Watch: Movado


August 11, 2016

Floral Borders

Hi love! 
 It's almost Friday and I couldn't be more excited for the weekend for no special reason, other than IT IS THE WEEKEND. No plans, just some much needed rest and relaxation. Knowing my crazy self though, I'm sure I'll get my hands busy with something around the house. If not cooking and cleaning, it will be putting together or re-arranging some furniture's around the house and if not that, well, I have a few headbands to make and send on their way. Nothing planned, just going with the flow because this is the first weekend hubby is back after being away for a straight two weeks and it was just myself, Eliana and a whole lot of virus as we were both sick, mostly me, the entire time. So, Yay for a regular, healthy weekend around here.

It's no news that cold shoulders are in trend. What really attracted me to this dress was the vertical print and the dash of pink on the bottom. It feels almost relaxed-tribal-chic. Paired it with my new cross-body bag I grabbed during the Nordstrom sale and some old block heels.

Dress: Asos
Bag: Nordstrom
Watch: Movado 


July 22, 2016

Simply Causal

Hi Loves!
 I hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend. It has been a long week for me being sick and all, so happy to finally see the weekend is here.
Here's a look I wore last week, easy and comfortable. I absolutely love this top from Loft. I've been finding lots of great stuff there lately.  You can shop my finds on the “Shop my Closet” session to the right. I love that this top is so soft and comfortable and I can see it accommodating my growing belly as I progress in my pregnancy and the best part is that I bought it in my regular size and it is not maternity. With my last pregnancy, I bought quit a few regular pieces but went up a size and I find all those clothes too big post pregnancy and a little awkward. That’s because they are not designed to be a loose fit. With this pregnancy, I'm going to try to stick to my regular size and just find pieces that either has great stretch to it or is designed to fit loosely just like this top; keeping sizing up pieces to a minimal so I can actually get some wear out of them post pregnancy.
Wish you a splendid weekend.
Talk to you soon!


Top: Loft
Jeans: H&M (old, similar here)  
 Shoes: Aldo (old, love this here
Watch: Movado 


July 13, 2016

Baby2 Pregnancy Survival Kit

Hi loves!
Hope you're having a great week so far.  
Coming off a 4-day-long weekend, I'm breezing through this short work week and looking forward to the weekend already. 
Today I'm sharing my must haves, sort of like my survival kit for this pregnancy. Most of these items I used during my first pregnancy and since they worked so well for me the first time around, it only makes sense to stick with it the second time around, so here we go.

I cannot rave enough about this thing. I absolutely love it! I'm not a fan of maternity clothes or pants with all that extra fabric/elastic on the waist. I tried some on during my first pregnancy and it just felt weird. All I can say is I'm glad I found this Bellybelt. Not sure how I came about it because there is a lot of variation or version or belly belt or belly band out there. Same set that lasted me through my first pregnancy is going to last me through pregnancy #2 and more if need be, so definitely worth the money. I haven't/usually don't use the cover up pieces that comes with it, just the button and hook-and-eye extenders works perfectly well on their own, paired with a top that hits below the waist of a regular tank top to covers the waistline. It is definitely a life saver for all my work pants and jeans.

No one wants more or any stretch mark at all during pregnancy. I thankfully made it through my first pregnancy without any new stretch marks on or around my belly, just some lighter spot around my belly button, so I'm giving the Bio Oil a go this time around also. I use it twice a day, morning and evening before going to bed. What I love the most about it is that it doesn't leave you feeling oily, it absorbs in quick and well. 

I think the body definitely adjusts to your most natural physical states before pregnancy during pregnancy, if that makes sense. During my first pregnancy, I lived in heels and I felt most comfortable in it, from weekdays to weekends. At that time, wearing flats gave more back pains. Complete opposite this time; since my new job pretty much frowns upon heels, I've become accustomed to wearing and living in flats. Wearing heels now feels a little weird and sometimes uncomfortable depending on what type of heels I'm wearing. So, now I mostly go with my wedges and block/thick heels when I do wear them.
My everyday go-to comfortable black work flats with covered toes and heels (required for work) literally crapped out on me at work. That's how much I wore it and how much walking around I've been doing in them lately. So, I'm definitely looking to replace it and I'm eyeing these two pairs here and here.

I cannot stress how essential this is for me. My fellow mommies out there can probably testify to the fact that it is not only your belly that grows during pregnancy; believe it or not, your boobs grow during the process as well. What this means for me is wired bra out and new wireless ones in. New comfortable, no underwire, just pure comfort and support. Since I know it's just for a time period and size is ever changing, I usually don't splurge.  These ones here and here from Target serve me well. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Talk to you soon!


July 8, 2016

Baby2 :: First Trimester

Yap, that's how I
All I can say is ….I'm glad it's over. Thank God!

I knew Baby2 was on board when I couldn’t keep my eyes open pass 7:30pm. On a usual day, I don’t even start thinking about getting ready for bed until 10:00pm, now all of sudden, I’m too tried to even get ready and just leave whatever I was doing and jump right into bed. We were planning for it so I knew this has got be it. Had to wait a couple more days to take the test and of course it came back positive. Just like that, life is about to change again.

On cravings, the first half of it, all I wanted was restaurant food and fast food, both the good and the bad. As long as it was not cooked in my kitchen, I’ll take it.

Second half was complete opposite. For the better, thank God; because I was starting to scare myself with what I was eating and the rate at which I was eating out. I see how some dads easily get the sympathy belly too now when their wife is pregnant. Every time I want to eat out, "we" eat out. If had continued at that rate, well I could easily see hubby progressing right along in the growing belly business with me. 

So, for the second half of the first trimester, all I wanted was some good Nigerian, home cooked meal and I kicked off that craving’s satisfaction at my sister’s wedding. Even my sisters eyes got big when she saw my plate and on top of that, I was complaining about how I couldn't taste or eat everything. Well, when we got back home, let’s just say any small energy I had I spent it all on cooking. This was the time I really wished there is a Nigeria restaurant somewhere close to us in NC. So far don't think there's any. Someone needs to fix this.

I’ve been cravings a lot of okra soup. We barely eat okra on a regular day just because hubby doesn't eat it and I don't feel like making two kinds of soup every time, although okra is relatively easy to make. Well now I do. I have to eat my swallows with okra now, and maybe mix with vegetable stew or whatever else there is. Fish stew is my next fixing. I've always complained I don’t know where to buy whole fish that's where I don't make it. Now I’ve been lucky enough to find some at my local Walmart and even though I’ve found some store that might sell produce I’m looking for, I’m yet to drive my lazy bum down there to see because it's like 30 minutes away and in my book, that's far. So on rotation for now, as long as I keep hitting the jackpot is fried fish / fish stew and lots of okra. Rice is a given. Give me some good, preferably party jollof, which doesn't happen often but I’ll settle for the ones I make or white rice with fish stew and I’m happy.

Morning sickness; this wasn’t even in my vocabulary with Eliana, but with Baby2, I experienced all of it. From the nausea, to the vomiting, to the headache, to the tiredness, to the metallic taste that makes everything taste awful and just feeling completely drained both physically and emotionally. Some days, I don’t even know how I made it through the whole day at work. My ultimate goal was staying awake the whole day and as soon as I enter a room for a meeting,  I was looking for the closet trash can and sitting strategically close to it. Thankfully, I didn’t put on a show in front of everyone, although I came close a couple of times. 

Now in my second trimester, I feel much better and like myself again. Looking forward to enjoying the rest of this pregnancy and maybe resolve this mommy guilt I’m having about not documenting Baby2 pregnancy as much as I did for Eliana.

Talk to you soon and have a great weekend!



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